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Age Discrimination

People 40 years of age and older are protected from age-based discrimination by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). Both the ADEA and the FEHA prohibit unfair or illegal treatment due to an employee’s age. An employee cannot be terminated, demoted, harassed, denied opportunities or otherwise discriminated against because of his or her age.

With offices in San Diego, Orange County, and the San Francisco Bay Area, Advantage Law Group represents employees statewide who have been treated in an adverse manner due to their age. If you feel you have suffered unfair or illegal treatment because of your age, call us at (800) 507-9470 to schedule your free case evaluation with an experienced employment law attorney.

Protect Your Rights

Our lawyers have extensive experience handling age discrimination claims. At your initial consultation, we will carefully listen to your account of the situation. If you have experienced any type of discrimination — including wrongful termination, demotion or harassment — because of your age, we will explore your legal options. The ADEA and FEHA protect job applicants as well as current or former employees.

Examples of age discrimination our firm can handle on your behalf include:

  • Offering early retirement for the purpose of getting rid of older workers simply because of their age
  • Replacing an employee over the age of 40 with an employee who is either under the age of 40 or exactly 40
  • Not providing equal benefits to older workers

Advantage Law Group handles age discrimination claims involving wrongful termination, demotion, harassment, denial of promotion, training, lack of benefits, unequal compensation and other elements of employment. Laws are specifically written to protect workers from discrimination on the basis that they are “too old.” The ADEA and FEHA do not protect people under the age of 40, as they are not presumed to face age discrimination.

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